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Hello, and thank you for your interest in Hotel Focus SFO! This information is intended for our patrons who may need special accommodations for their physical and/or mental disabilities.

Accessibility Features at Hotel Focus SFO

While navigating our website you may see the ♿ accessibility symbol. This denotes areas of the web page which includes information about disability accessibility features at Hotel Focus SFO. A summary of this information is described and linked to from this page.

Service Animals

As defined by “Title II of the ADA”, service animals are permitted on our property at no additional cost. If any damages are caused by the service animal, a cleaning fee of $250 may apply.

Wheelchair Accessibility

  • We provide convenient on-site handicap parking spots. Four (4) handicap parking spots are available at Hotel Focus SFO.
  • Our ground floor entrances and exits are fully wheelchair accessible.
  • Front door to lobby has push button to open.
  • We have wheelchair accessible elevators which reach all levels from the ground floor.
  • The lobby/reception area has low-rise counters, desks, and/or table-tops available. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are also available in these spaces.
  • Not all doorways and walk-ways are wheelchair accessible.

Private Guest Facilities

We have one (1) ADA compliant room.

  • ADA King Room.
    Includes TTY, door knock sensor, telephone Amplifier, alarm clock with bed shaker, telephone signaler, a Wheelchair Accessible bathroom, shower, and stool for shower.

Contacting Hotel Focus SFO

Should you have any questions regarding disability accommodations or the ADA compliance of our business please contact us using the information below and we will assist you.

Additional Website Information

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